The Education of Teacher Shakyamuni

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The Education of Teacher Shakyamuni "Education - The field of study concerned with teaching and learning"                 - The American Heritage Dictionary

The Education of Teacher Shakyamuni

"Education - The field of study concerned with teaching and learning"
                - The American Heritage Dictionary

  Buddhism is an education about us, and our living environment. The Buddha teaches us to recognize ourselves; our thoughts, speech, and actions and the consequences they evoke. Most importantly, the Buddha wants us to restore our original and complete wisdom. He teaches that everyone possesses the ability to attain complete understanding of life and the universe, and it is only because of delusion that we are unable to realize it. We are blinded by wandering thoughts, discriminations, and attachments, and forget the original pure mind of our self nature. In this way, we have caused ourselves much unneeded suffering.

  The Buddha also teaches us to view our environment clearly. 'Environment' refers to the people, matters, and objects we come across everyday. When our hearts are free f-rom discriminations and attachments, we would be able to view everything clearly and deal with them appropriately. Thus, we can live in harmony with others and succeed in all our endeavors.

  What did the Buddha mean when he taught us to cultivate? His intent was none other than to rid us of our delusions and attachments. If we drew together the Six Principles of practice taught by the Buddha, we would only end up with the practice of giving. Giving simply means to let go. If we can let go of our greed, hatred, ignorance, and arrogance, then we would always dwell in purity of mind. If we can let go of all discriminations, worries, and attachments, then we would attain peace, freedom, health, and longevity. If we can let go of our own views and work together for the benefit of others, then we can achieve harmony with others, harmony in society, and ultimately, world peace. F-rom this we can see that the main practice of the Buddha's teachings is none other than giving.

  When the Teacher Shakyamuni was in the world, he not only used words to teach , but made an example of himself for all living beings to follow. He let go of all desires, worldly enjoyments, fame, and money to lead the life of a left-home monk. He lived a lifestyle of simplicity, purity of mind and body, and happiness. Mundane people would see this as bitter and pitiful, but this is only due to their deluded and upside-down views. One with wisdom would view things differently. The wise would see the Buddha's lifestyle as one of true freedom, happiness, and fulfillment. The Buddha does not have useless thoughts, discriminations, attachments, or worries. How at ease he is! He accords with all conditions and emanates wisdom in every thought, speech, and action to teach living beings in this world.

  The Buddhas live lives of wisdom, while mundane people live lives of affliction. Shakyamuni's teachings teach us how to change afflicted lives into ones of great wisdom. F-rom these teachers, we will learn how to restore the ultimate and complete wisdom and abilities of our self nature; allowing us to attain true happiness and prosperity. This, is the Buddha's Education.

- Amitabha Buddhist Association of Queensland

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