Welcome to the new Amitabha Pureland!

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Welcome to the new Amitabha Pureland!

Welcome to the new Amitabha Pureland!
Welcome to the new Amitabha Pureland!
It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our new revamped site. We have attempted at various times to modifiy the old chuatanvien.com  which was set up in 2010, but the time has come when a total makeover is necessary. So here we are!
Along with the Amitabha Buddhist Retreat Centre, we are here to introduce the Pure Land school of Mahayana Buddhism as taught by Buddha Shakyumuni.
For those who are looking for peace and serenity in their daily lives, we have “Inspirational”, and  daily quotes with which we hope to inspire you, and at the same time bring peace and loving-kindness to the world.
We hope you will enjoy our new sites, and welcome any feedback f-rom you. Thank you once again for your support without which we wouldn't  be here today.
May all beings be happy.
Namo Amitabha!
Palms Togather and with gratitude
Dieu Am Tri Tung, webmaster
June 2013

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