3 fruits that lower inflammation and prevent disease

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3 fruits that lower inflammation and prevent disease

3 fruits that lower inflammation and prevent disease
(NaturalHealth365) What do tart cherries, blueberries and oranges have in common? All three fruits are missing a good public relations firm to work around the restrictions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So far, this agency has successfully stifled fruit farmers f-rom citing published scientific studies proving the health benefits of eating fruits.

These three fruits can lower inflammation and help modulate gene expression. In addition, they have proven to be more beneficial and safer than pharmaceuticals for many health conditions. Something is seriously wrong with a country that allows healthcare professionals to learn more about toxic drugs over healthy food for disease prevention.

Tart cherries can switch critical genes off and on , and modulate cell-signaling molecules such as tumor necrosis factor. Studies have shown that cherries have multiple benefits for the cardiovascular system. Truth is truth and what research has discovered has never been disputed by the “fear and death administration”.

Yet, in a free country, fruit growers are denied the ability to advertise the health benefits of eating cherries. The mainstream media “talking points” are all about the value of taking drugs – not eating healthy.

The systematic suppression of healthy food information is a conspiracy – beyond imagination.

Getting back to cherries. Tart cherries can be considered a first line of defense for pain and dis-ease. I'll bet you never heard about the human trials on the impact of tart cherries for pain following intense exercise – did you?

This was a double-blind randomized trial of runners participating in a 24-hour relay race and found that runners who consumed tart cherry juice had less muscle pain after the race. You think over-the-counter (and prescription drug) makers want you to hear this information? (no)

The runners studied also had significantly lower inflammation markers and a much shorter recovery time after strenuous exercise. In another study, tart cherry juice not only significantly reduced typical pain, following vigorous exercise, but produced marked preservation of muscle function.

Studies taking it much further found that tart cherries protect against inflammatory and degenerative disease such as, cardiovascular, metabolic syndrome and neurodegenerative problems like Alzheimer's disease.

A pilot study, at Baylor Research Institute, found that cherries helped with osteoarthritis – lowering the pain and improving function. The same thing was found, in 2012 double-blind study, which was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine and published.

Scientists, at Boston University, found that cherry extract reduced the risk of gout attacks in those who suffer f-rom them.

Can tart cherries help cancer patients? Studies suggest that the anthocyanins, in tart cherries, were shown to switch off genes involved in cancer initiation. There is a unique synergy among the components in tart cherries that inhibit both the growth of human colon cancer cell lines and benign adenomas (benign tumors).

Wild Blueberries have been shown to provide cellular protection because of its higher stores of phytonutrients such as, anthocyanins and polyphenols. John Sauve, president of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America states, “they are stressed to a much higher level than cultivated blueberries might be to protect themselves” – which explains their rich nutrient content.

According to Dr. James Joseph, chief of the neuroscience laboratory, at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Center on aging at Tufts University and other researchers' – blueberries improve balance, coordination and running speed in aged animals. The loss of coordination and balance are the first things to go as you age, according to Joseph. Maybe we (human animals) need to eat more wild blueberries?

In a human study, led by Dr. Robert Kirkorian, Associated Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Neuroscience at the University of Cincinnati – showed that anthocyanin-rich wild blueberries help to maintain memory function in older adults.

Studies conducted by Mary Ann Lila, Ph.D., Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois indicate that the compounds in wild blueberries can be effective at inhibiting the initiation and promotional stage of cancer. Aging is a factor in cancer development so to add years to your life – wild blueberries are a wise choice.

Can oranges actually help to reverse the aging process? Oranges contain 60 different flavonoids and are rich in hesperetin and naringin which boost eye health, fight heart disease, prevent kidney stones and enhance immunity.

The vitamin content is just one part of the equation when talking about oranges. The secret weapon in oranges is the pectin, which researchers find particularly valuable to human health. Pectin has laxative effects while protecting the mucous membranes of the colon, and at the same time it binds to cancer causing chemicals in the colon.

In addition, hesperetin and naringin act as antioxidants; free radical scavenger; anti-inflammatory and immune system modulator and also reduces oxidative damage to DNA. As we age, eating oranges can help lower our risk of age-related macular degeneration and all it takes is three or more oranges per week. Who says organic fruit isn't powerful?

All these fruits are easy to find organically grown. Wild blueberries can be found in the frozen section, organic tart cherry juice is in health food stores and online. And, of course, organic orange groves ship nationwide.

About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She has the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in natural healing including Naturopaths, scientist and energy healers. Having seen people miraculously heal f-rom all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy.



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