Salvestrol Q40 Targets Prostate Cancer by Gerry Potter

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Salvestrol Q40 Targets Prostate Cancer by Gerry Potter

Salvestrol Q40 Targets Prostate Cancer by Gerry Potter
Salvestrols have been more widely used in the treatment of prostate cancer than any other cancer, probably because this is the most common form of cancer in men today. An amazing 1 in 3 men over the age of 65 have some form of prostatic cancer. Salvestrols can be used as a preventative agent to keep in check any prostate problems at an earlier age. In terms of cancer therapy the responses to salvestrols can be fast even on a low dose of 1 capsule (2000 points) daily and typically seeing a rapid response in terms of lowering the PSA and complete remissions are usually seen within 6 months. In one case a man with a PSA over 5000 responded rapidly and within one month his PSA had d-ropped to below 100 and he went on to full remission. However in other cases a much slower response is seen and higher doses of 6 capsules (12,000 points) per day are required to obtain a response.

We examine here the effects of high dose salvestrol Q40 and find that it is able to exert cell death effects beyond the bioactivation pathway via CYP1B1. This means that high dose salvestrols can be given to initially unresponsive cancers and will work at high levels irrespective of CYP1B1 status.

Insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R) activation is required for prostate cell proliferation. Prostate cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed malignant tumors in Western countries. Overexpression of IGF-1R in prostate cancer is associated with tumor growth. These suggest that IGF-1R inhibitory agents may be of preventive and/or therapeutic value. With evidence accumulating for a chemopreventive role of flavonoids, the effects of salvestrol Q40, a bioactive flavonoid, on IGF-1R signaling in prostate cancer cells were examined. Salvestrol Q40 inhibited insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) induced activation of IGF-1R and AKT in prostate cancer PC-3 and DU145 cells. Inhibition of AKT by salvestrol Q40 resulted in decreased phosphorylation of its downstream targets, including p70S6K1, GSK-3β and FKHR/FKHRL1. Salvestrol Q40 also inhibited the IGF-1-induced activation of EGFR and MAPK/ERK signaling. Salvestrol Q40 inhibited expression of cyclin D1 and increased expression of p21. As a result, salvestrol Q40 suppressed proliferation and induced apoptosis of prostate cancer cells. Knockdown of IGF-1R by siRNA led to inhibition of proliferation of prostate cancer cells. Results of in vivo tumor growth assay indicated that salvestrol Q40 inhibited PC-3 tumor growth. Immunoblotting of the extracts of tumor tissues showed that salvestrol Q40 inhibited IGF-1R/AKT signaling. These results provide a new insight into the mechanisms of how salvestrol Q40 works against cancer cells beyond the bioactivation pathway provided by the enzyme CYP1B1.

Here is a testimonial f-rom someone who has been taking salvestrols for prostate cancer and is still alive after 8 years:
In early 2002 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer after a biopsy. It was moderately aggressive (Gleason = 6) and involved both lobes. When the PSA rise got to be alarming I decided to try other options, since the cancer had already metastasized to other areas of my body. I was told that the doctors could offer no cure and that at the rate the PSA was doubling I would likely live less than 5 years . In 2004 I started taking Salvestrol Platinum daily after hearing about it f-rom a friend who had heard Professor Gerry Potter speak at a lecture in Penticton, BC Canada. When I next went to the Cancer Clinic I had had another PSA test. Interestingly, it seemed to indicate a possible slowing of the tumour growth. When I returned home f-rom the Cancer Clinic I used an equation to find the doubling time and I was able to determine that the PSA had previously doubled every 4 months. This is very bad news because a short doubling time indicates fast tumour growth. However, during the first two months of taking Salvestrol the doubling time lengthened to 20 months. During the next three months the doubling time lengthened again to 40 months (which is very good). This means that the tumour growth rate had slowed to a crawl f-rom its very rapid growth only 5 months earlier. Based on these results, I calculated I will die of other causes before the cancer is a concern. I have been very conservative in my dosages. One capsule of Salvestrol Platinum per day was used during the first two months and then increased to two capsules per day for the last three months.
When I first saw my urologist after taking the salvestrol supplements he declared that the PSA result must be a lab error. The next time I saw him, with an even better result, he could see that this was not a lab error and he wanted to know what I was doing. He asked for information about Salvestrol and said that he was going to investigate it. He said that I seemed to be on the cutting edge of current research.
Based on my experience and the information that I have gathered, I recommend Salvestrol Therapy to anyone that has cancer of any kind or is at risk of cancer. I am writing this for people to read because I believe that a great deal of unnecessary suffering can be avoided by using Salvestrol as a preventative (low dosage) or a curative (higher dosage) for all types of cancer. It is safe to take even at high doses and can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments recommended by doctors. If the situation is not an emergency or the doctors have given up, then giving Salvestrol a trial for three months seems like a good plan. Ken S, Canada.

About the Author

Professor Gerry Potter is Director of the Cancer Drug Discovery Group in the UK, and the inventor of Zytiga and Salvestrols. This article is written so that more men with prostate cancer can find out about salvestrols as a natural and safe al-ternative to conventional chemotherapy.

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