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His experience became a philosophy that is now followed by over 400 million people.

The Buddha lived in India two and a half thousand years ago, and the events of his life make up one of the greatest stories ever told. Using CGI graphics, expert testimony and the latest archaeological findings, this film dramatises his extraordinary life, from the luxuries of the palace where he was waited on hand on foot, to his dramatic escape from home when he set out to experience real life for the first time. The film also reconstructs the spiritual practices he tried and rejected.

Until about one hundred years ago the secrets of the Buddha lay hidden in the dense jungles of India. But in the 1800s Western archaeologist and explorers stumbled upon the small village of Lumbini in Nepal where they discovered the birthplace of the Buddha, enabling them to unlock the secrets of his life.

The Life of the Buddha includes interviews with English speaking Buddhist from various denominations. It looks at the key practices of Buddhism and investigates the life changing solutions to the problem of human suffering that the Buddha formulated.
Notice: Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini which is in Nepal at present

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